Meet the Women of Atlanta MicroBlading Skincare Products

“Microblading at its best is a new trend in cosmetology. It’s very exciting because microblading has become increasingly popular as the demand for an innovative way to diminish unwanted facial and body hair continues to grow exponentially.” – Karen Smith, founder of Microblading Atlanta | Blue Divine Atlanta.

Meet the Women of Atlanta MicroBlading Skincare Products

“I’m so excited about the new line of MicroBlading products that I ordered them immediately upon my friend request. The first set that I purchased had great things written all over them about how fast, easy, affordable and effective they would be. So many people are happy about the new found control and confidence in their looks that they can now confidently walk around with their newly refreshed faces.” – Karen Smith, owner of MicroBladingATL, Ph.D.

“My new found favorite thing about MicroBlading is that I can choose from a huge selection of different types of blading styles: straight, short microblading, long microblading, angled microblading, perm eyelash, no microblading, and all with the same great look and feel. It’s great that the staff is so knowledgeable about their products, and that I can trust them to give me the results that I’m looking for without having to worry about anything, at any time. The microblading process is simple, quick, and painless. I’m extremely satisfied with this entire experience. My friends are also very satisfied with their beautiful new looks, and we’ve been telling everyone about how wonderful our experiences have been…”

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