Injectable B12 – How Does It Work?

Injectable B 12 is being used more by patients in Europe. It seems to have some good benefits in patients who are suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and Irritable Bowel Syndrome, as well as other types of diseases. Patients seem to respond better to this type of vitamin than regular Vitamin C supplements, but there’s no real study yet to prove that. No clinical trials have been done either. Click here

In a study that was conducted several years ago in Germany, test subjects who were given an injection of Vitamin C received an increase in the amount of energy they had throughout the day. They also reportedly showed a lower number of colds and less cold sore outbreaks than people who took Vitamin C in a tablet form. Some of the immune system boosting vitamins also seemed to help the body’s defense system. People who took immune system boosting Vitamin C did not have a higher incidences of common colds or a higher rate of cold sore outbreaks. Injectable b12 Vitamin C seems to be working in the same way.


If you’re looking for a vitamin to take, Vitamin C is the most common one you’ll find. However, because it is such a complex vitamin, it is not as easy to absorb into the body as other vitamins. When taken as a supplement, it has to go through the intestines before it is absorbed. If the vitamin isn’t well absorbed, then it may have little effect on your body’s immune system. Injectable b 12 is easier to absorb, so doctors are using it to treat patients who can’t take regular Vitamin C.

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