Auburn childcare

auburn childcare centre

“Oz Education Centres is a private and family run childcare centre, with over 35 years experience in delivering preschool and long daycare programs for young children from birth to age 6. We offer state of the art facilities and expert staff to care for your child.” – Oz Education Centres


If you have an infant, toddler or young child that is at least six years old, then consider giving them a wonderful experience at an Oz Education Centre. Here they will enjoy a variety of fun activities and free play programs, as well as the vital early childhood education that they so urgently need. In these care centers, they are sure to find: Baby Daycare, Preschool, Early Childhood Development, Summer Reading Program, Art and Crafts, Potty Training, Language Arts, Music, Cultural Awareness, Creativity, Health and Safety, and many others. When it comes to their menu, you will find wonderful healthy options, along with the best tasting, highest quality foods and snacks you can imagine. The goal of every member of the Oz Education Centres staff is to ensure that each child has a great time, while learning, playing, growing, and having fun – all at a place that is safe and fun.


This is an amazing new concept in Australia’s early education system and one that makes an enormous difference in the life of every young child. Please contact the Oz Education Centre for more information on how to make the most of your early learning experience. This is a fantastic idea for babies, toddlers, and young children. Give your child the beginning she or he deserves with an exciting new venture!

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