What did your city spend?

New analysis from the Natural Resources Defense Council shows that California communities are spending nearly $500M annually in preventing trash from polluting the state’s beaches, rivers and ocean. Find your city below and read the full report at NRDC.

The report surveyed 95 California cities and towns and found that regardless of their size and distance from the ocean, these communities are paying a high price to keep trash out of waterways. Among the Top-10 are Los Angeles ($36.3 million), San Diego ($14 million), Long Beach ($13 million), San Jose ($8.8 million), Oakland ($8.3 million), Sacramento ($2.6 million), Hayward ($2.3 million), Merced ($2.3 million), Redondo Beach ($2.1 million) and South Gate ($1.7 million).

Plastic waste imposes costs on local governments and businesses, creates navigational hazards, kills birds, turtles, dolphins and other marine life, and may even threaten human health. Check how much your community spends on cleaning up trash from streets and the environment.