NRDC and a growing coalition of business, community, environmental, and business groups support measures that would stop plastic pollution at its source by creating incentives for industry to use less plastic packaging for their products, make them recyclable, and ensure that recycling actually happens. This coalition is working to stop plastic pollution by creating stronger laws and strengthening the laws we already have. We will be updating this website periodically with more details about this initiative and opportunities to get involved.

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We support California programs to make single-use plastic packaging producers take their share of responsibility for plastic pollution. We call on California’s lawmakers to create a program of shared responsibility, requiring these producers to help support expanded recycling, storm drain capture device installation and maintenance, and cleanup of our streets, parks, beaches and other public spaces. We call on producers to innovate and reduce unnecessary packaging, increase reusable alternatives, and ensure that their products are fully recyclable and actually recycled at the end of their useful life.